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A Collection of Dark Fantasy Nursery Rhymes with Lovecraftian Twists

Darkly enchanting tales and illustrations for horror and fantasy enthusiasts. Coming soon to Kickstarter.

A captivating sequel to

"The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales"

  • Expanded Collection: More twisted nursery rhymes and poems.
  • Intricate Riddles & Spells: Challenge your mind with enigmas and sinister incantations.
  • Short Stories: Explore deeper connections within the eldritch universe.
  • Stunning Illustrations: Hand-drawn artwork that brings haunting tales to life.
  • Audio Drama Tie-in: Enjoy a richer experience with an upcoming audio drama.
  • Exclusive Bundle: Kickstarter-only signed copies and digital editions of both books.
  • Limited Edition: Special offers for early backers and exclusive rewards.
  • Community Driven: Content inspired by fan feedback and suggestions.

This is your chance to own a piece of eldritch horror history and support the continuation of this darkly enchanting series.

Loved by An Audience of Over 200,000

William Moore (@williammooremusic) has built a large community of loyal fans by sharing a unique blend of traditional sayings, nursery rhymes, and Lovecraftian twists. His first book, "The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales," was a resounding success, becoming an instant hit with readers and raising over double its crowdfunding target.

Community Driven Content

Many of the poems and stories were inspired by feedback and suggestions from our dedicated community of fans. Your voice shapes the content, making this a truly collaborative project.

Darkly Twisted Nursery Rhymes

Immerse yourself in a collection of nursery rhymes reimagined with Lovecraftian horror. Each rhyme twists the familiar into something eerie and unsettling, offering a fresh take on classic tales.

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